Starting Over

Starting over. The title says it all. This site is a mulligan, although using that word is possibly forbidden me. I don’t play golf; am I allowed to use a golfing term?

As I understand the usage, a mulligan is when you get to take another shot after your first attempt is less than optimal. It’s forgiveness of a bad attempt. It’s a generous “that doesn’t count” gesture on the part of your fellow players. I’m hoping you’ll grant me a mulligan as I rebuild my site.

What happened? I was trying to update the appearance of this site, make it more interesting and better looking. The old site was tired and worn out. As in the photograph above, I needed new boots, at least metaphorically.

To that end, I was trying out various WordPress themes. Themes provide a “skin” for the content; they control how the content is displayed. Something went wrong. Some theme conflicted with the code that was already present, or perhaps the installation failed. In any event, the site became unresponsive, showing only cryptic errors.

Because the site was so badly damaged, I figured it would be better to wipe it clean and start over. In other words, I decided I deserved a mulligan.

I suppose I could have tried to recover the content. I didn’t. The content I had previously posted wasn’t all that important. Some I could recreate if I really wanted to do the work, but in my opinion nothing I had done was noteworthy enough to justify the effort.

It was commonly, ironically said a few years ago that you should never use a Microsoft product until it was at least version 3. By then most of the bugs would be squashed.  Well, folks, welcome to version 3.0 of this site. Maybe it’ll last.

There probably is a limit to the number of mulligans allowed.

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