Shooting the Frontier


I recently joined a photography group, The Photo Frontier, a sort of teaching and support group with a very positive attitude. In addition to offering web-based resources, founders Justin and Armando have taken expeditions to exotic places like Belize and Amarillo, Texas, sharing the results of their explorations. Their last trip was a workshop/trip to the Tetons, and the photographs of their–I hesitate to say “students,” fellows is a better choice–have been wonderful to see.

After joining, they sent me a patch. I had seen the patch before; other explorers had featured it their photographs. Naturally, I had to submit a photograph showing that I, too, had gotten my patch. What you’re seeing above is the result.

However, I thought you might be interested in seeing the setup for this photograph. As usual, it’s taken in my garage…I’m not heading to Belize or the Tetons or even downtown Boulder anytime soon.  It’s just a simple, two-light setup, although I now wish I’d added a bit more fill on the right side of the photograph.


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