The Faces of East High


Denver’s East High School, home of the Angels, is one of four original high schools in the city. Each of the schools, named as you expect, East, North, West, and South, were ornate with architectural details to delight even the most fussy architect of the era of such excess.

The amount of ornamentation is dependent upon the age of the school, and East, being built in 1924, is the most exuberant, with towers and crenellations and who knows what else.

Although it was built in 1924, it was the “new” East High. Although I couldn’t find a photograph of the original, from the descriptions I read it’s obvious the new school was more Baroque in styling than the previous incarnation. At least the praise heaped uponĀ the buildersĀ at its dedication celebrated the “fine style” of the structure.

This photograph was taken on a recent Denver Night Photo Walk, but I took others, too. As you can tell, the sun was still shining, but a “night walk” has to start sometime ahead of night.

Although the walk was on June 25, I teased one of the organizers, suggesting that this would be the first time Denver had a blizzard in June. I said this because every other photo walk I’d attended had been cold…very cold. I’d forgotten that I had the following photograph of East High; if I’d remembered I’d have sent that to her, suggesting this was the kind of weather we could expect.


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