Monthly Archives: June 2016


I Like Elevators

  The skyscrapers of the plains. The sentinels of the prairies. Those are the phrases used to describe grain elevators. At least I think they are, unless I managed to get the words wrong. As I […]

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If you don’t have a camera…

…you can’t take a photograph. My friends and acquaintances–not necessarily the same–wonder why I always wander around with a camera. I admit these days it’s often a small Panasonic GX7 , but sometimes I dig out […]

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Why I Don’t Photograph Flowers

   …nature photographs downright bore me for some reason or other. I think: “Oh, yes. Look at that sand dune. What of it?” — Walker Evans  As I look at photographs shared on Facebook and […]

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Advantages of Starting Over

  Hey! There’s one advantage having to rebuild my web site–to starting over. I get to inflict older photographs on my poor, defenseless audience all over again as I write new blog posts. This was […]

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Talking About Critiques

I’ve said elsewhere on this site that I photograph for myself. My motive for pressing the shutter is to satisfy my own desires. Selfish? Of course, but I think this attitude is shared by many […]

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Starting Over

Starting over. The title says it all. This site is a mulligan, although using that word is possibly forbidden me. I don’t play golf; am I allowed to use a golfing term? As I understand […]

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