On Call

You may expect the title of this post, “On Call,” to have something to do with the photograph. After all, it was taken on East Colfax in Denver, which, despite the attentions of the police, has long been known for illicit commerce with ladies of easy virtue, i.e., “call girls.” And let’s be honest. The name prominently displayed, “John’s,”  does relate to that same topic, although in the plural and not possessive form. A young and attractive woman would need to be careful when asking for directions to this particular liquor store. Saying “I’m looking for John’s” could be easily misunderstood.

But no, it has nothing to do with that subject. Instead, I’m bemoaning that I’m going to miss this month’s Denver Night Photo Walk because I’m on call this week. To feed my addiction, I’m posting a photograph I took last month.

Being on call means that I can’t be more than ten or fifteen minutes away from a computer connection. My group is responsible for something over 1000 servers (I’ve long ago lost the actual count), and occasionally one will die. Someone has to resuscitate a failed box when this happens, and so every few weeks I get the nod–and any phone calls asking for help outside of normal business hours. It only lasts a week–from Wednesday to Wednesday–but it does limit my mobility. Indeed, I’m missing a niece’s birthday party as I type this.

I do love my job, and it does pay for the cameras., Very often nothing happens, but even so, the on call leash can be frustrating. Fortunately, it ends before the Arapahoe County Fair, so I won’t miss taking photographs of the rodeo this year.

Still, I’m so missing the comradery and the chance to photograph tonight. Maybe I should have picked up something from John’s last month to be my solace.

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  1. Jerry Stachowski July 23, 2016 at 11:56 pm #

    We missed you Tom! Thankfully the rain let up before everyone was wandering about with cameras.

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