Life Is Where You Still Find It

As some of you know, I have been taking still life photographs as a way to satisfy my photographic addiction. I don’t know why I’m suggesting you wouldn’t know; I’ve been inflicting my work upon you with glee.

When I set up a still life set I attempt to find interesting objects to stage. I wander around the house, grabbing bits and pieces, and I’ve even been know to go to Hobby Lobby to purchase a few things. Currently I’m trying to find a tall, narrow pitcher for an image I have in my mind.

But sometimes I get lucky. Go into a restaurant of a particular, “down home” type, places like Cracker Barrel and Famous Dave’s, and you’ll find the hand of the designer. Shelves and walls abound with carefully arranged “items” designed to enhance a particular ambience.

This nice arrangement presented itself as I was waiting for a take-out order at Famous Dave’s. As I was waiting for brisket and pulled pork, I looked up and saw, on the wall, this lovely collection. There was no fancy lighting–just the window–and no work on my part to select, stack, balance the composition.

Is this cheating?

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