Monthly Archives: August 2016


Carnegie Library

I love the smell of a library, and one of my first memories of that aroma was from visiting the Carnegie Public Library in Sidney, Nebraska. The high ceiling, the towering book cases, and the quiet […]

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Dragonfly – 300,000,000 Years In the Making

Wildlife photograph just ain’t my thing, but exceptions can be made. As I was walking into a Salt Grass Steakhouse for lunch, I saw this dragonfly hovering around the evergreens. I had a camera handy […]

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Low Down Rainbow

The phrase “low down” has a lot of uses. You can always condemn low down dirty tricks, or if you remove the space, you can get the lowdown on someone. If you swap it around, […]

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Reaching Out

Steer wrestling is a rodeo event that doesn’t have the cache of bull riding or barrel racing, and, despite its seeming invisibility, it’s in every rodeo, is a simple to understand, and harder than hell to do. The wrestler, on horseback, […]

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Alfred Hitchcock

  Sir Alfred Hitchcock was born 117 years ago today, and my Lord! what a difference he made to movies. I own and still watch North by Northwest, being particularly interested in the cantilevered house […]

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Why Would Anyone Do That?

Why would anyone climb on the back of a bronc, an animal whose primary goal is to rid itself of the rider, knowing that the best they can do is stay on for eight seconds? […]

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