Merry Christmas

The days are finally getting longer, which is a side benefit of the climax of the season, Christmas Day. That means the light will be available after work and soon the days will be friendlier to photographic pursuits. Especially with my latest toy: I got a Phantom 4 Pro as a Christmas present.

This picture was not taken from a quadcopter; leaning out of the second story of a parking garage works just as well. The subject is Union Station, which was recently remodeled to include stores, a bar or two, and the Crawford Hotel. There’s even a train or two that still call the tracks in the back home for a few minutes. The railway station was all duded up for Christmas, even to having huge stars outside.

The coming of Christmas also means that I might have more time to actually post on my blog. The latter part of the year always means less time to spend on something other than preparations. Getting ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas season itself can be exhausting. While there’s a day or two in January at the National Western to think about, my time for the next few months is far more open.

Maybe I’ll have time to actually take photographs, and with a new toy…which I’ve already used a time or two…I’ll have an incentive to make that time.

And that’s the best present of all.


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