A Warm February

It’s been warm the past few days, perhaps too warm for February. It’s all a trick, you know. The mild weather seduces you into believing that Spring is just around the corner, but March is waiting to dump snow on your morning commute. Mother Nature has a strange sense of humor, yet you do have to wonder about our gullibility when we fall for the same deception each year.

I was waiting outside a lodge in Littleton, waiting for a practice to start. Next to the lodge building is an antique store that’s been there for as long as I can remember. The business has a “country feel,”, a necessary marketing step that’s important when you’re selling something  people don’t really need. Even though it was long closed and the chairs carefully stored, the porch was lit like it was a summer evening.

While waiting I took a photograph–if you don’t have a camera you can’t take a photograph–trying to capture a bit of that summer evening. Yes, I know that the people are wearing winter coats. I can see that the trees have no leaves, but it’s that lazy, calm feeling I sought as I waited that dark February night.

Anticipating Spring isn’t such a bad February occupation.


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