Grabbing a Chance, Not a Beer

Ed Townsend is a co-worker and a friend; and, like other interesting people, he has a number of interests outside of work. One of his is brewing beer. Another is creating videos.

Ed does some brewing at Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales, a brew pub on South Broadway in Denver. That “spontaneous” business comes from how they introduce the yeast to begin fermentation. They don’t use some pre-packaged product; they use wild yeast. They expose the unfermented beer to the outside air, depending upon the yeast organisms that are floating around out there naturally.

Ed used that other interest in preparing an ad video for the business, and as part of it he needed an aerial shot with the camera coming from a fairly high altitude to stop just above a tank of beer. I won’t say more until his video actually comes out, but I will say that I was able to help in a very small way. I have a drone, so I could supply his aerial content. Fortunately, he didn’t need someone with skill operating the drone.

While I was there, he was preparing another lot of beer, using the opportunity to video some of the process. This meant that I got to wait a short time until all was ready, and I grabbed the chance to make a few very quick photographs. Here’re some of the shots I took.

But I was driving, so I didn’t have a beer.

Filling the tank with the unfermented beer, preparing to expose it to natural yeasts.

The tanks and other bits of the brewing equipment. And no, I don’t have any idea how it all works.

The room where the beer is stored…and I suppose aged…is full of barrels. And it is dark, being illuminated by the single window where the natural yeast is allowed to inoculated the bear.

I know those barrels are stamped with a winery’s name, but trust me.  They are full of beer.

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