Sunday Breakfast With the Post

I lied.

This wasn’t taken on a Sunday morning. It was taken on a Monday afternoon, Memorial Day afternoon to be specific. And there was no breakfast involved. You’ll notice there’s no milk on the cereal, and although it’s not easily evident, the egg was not cooked. When I was done photographing, the Cheerios went back into the box, the milk was poured into the bottle, the egg returned to the carton, and the toast and tea suffered the ignominy of the garbage disposal. I did finish the grapefruit, however.

Though I lied, I think I did manage to create the image I wanted. That’s what is important in the end. Besides, no photograph tells the full story…or even a “true” one. The photographer always selects, and omissions can mislead as much as anything.

Want to know what it really looked like? Below is the setup in my garage.

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