Stay Broke – Shoot Film

The setting sun gave a lot of depth to this steeple.

A few weeks ago I took part in a new MeetUp group: Stay Broke – Shoot Film. The first meeting was a get-to-know-each-other type of thing at a brewery in RINO. After the meet-and-greet, we did wander out just before the sun set to make a few photographs using a variety of film cameras, ranging from a Canon 35mm to a Rolleiflex 120. I used my Nikon F5.

I am spoiled. With digital, I can look at the back of the camera to see what I have. At worst, I can go home and immediately download my images to my computer.

But with film? Let’s just say it took a few days to get it processed, then I had to scan the negatives into my computer. Now I know why I’ve only shot two rolls of film in the last fifteen years. I’ve drunk the digital Kool-Aid, and I love it.

I think I got a few interesting images, and I intend to keep shooting film. Why? Because it forces me to be a lot more disciplined.

I’m sure it was a nice reflection shot, but I really am jealous of the flexibility of youth.
This liquor store customer may have been a long-time resident, but he is very different from the large number of young folks going to the trendy businesses that are now a major part of the neighborhood.
I admit it. I’m a sucker for a graphic image.

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