I’m a photographer. I’m a computer geek. Guess which one pays the bills.

My geek work isn’t interesting to most people. Do you really want to know about Aloha networks and TCP/IP and netstat -an? I didn’t think so.

Interest in my photography is also probably limited, but this is a vanity site. I photograph to please only myself. I chose what I want to photograph and how I want to present it. This, of course makes me an amateur. Elliot Erwitt, a photographer whose work I admire, said

It’s about time we started to take photography seriously and treat it as a hobby.

This is a comforting thought to someone like me–someone who does not make a living with his camera. But then there’s the other side. Digital cameras–hell, smartphones–have turned everyone into a photographer. This has led to dismissal of the amateur’s work. Yet, this is not new. Alfred Stieglitz, a very influential photographer and curator, said in 1899

The placing in the hands of the general public a means of making pictures but with little labor and requiring less knowledge has of necessity been followed by the production of millions of photographs. It is due to this fatal facility that photography as a picture-making medium has fallen into disrepute.

I guess I’ll just keep moving along adding to the disrepute.

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