A New (Old) Camera

I have a friend who’s taking a class in B&W photography, meaning he’s using film. You know, that old stuff that we used to use in cameras. He’s even doing his own developing and printing. […]

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Grabbing a Chance, Not a Beer

Ed Townsend is a co-worker and a friend; and, like other interesting people, he has a number of interests outside of work. One of his is brewing beer. Another is creating videos. Ed does some […]

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Pictorialism – What’s Old Is New

When photography was first invented, it was hailed as a new artistic advance. Then, in a few years, it was descried as a mechanical process with no soul. It was no longer an “art,” but […]

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A Warm February

It’s been warm the past few days, perhaps too warm for February. It’s all a trick, you know. The mild weather seduces you into believing that Spring is just around the corner, but March is […]

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Made the Front Cover

This is another example of my “if you don’t have a camera…” posts. If I hadn’t had a camera during Union Lodge #7’s installation, my Masonic lodge, I wouldn’t have caught a picture of the […]

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Merry Christmas

The days are finally getting longer, which is a side benefit of the climax of the season, Christmas Day. That means the light will be available after work and soon the days will be friendlier […]

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Just Because

A few Sundays ago I wandered down to Caboose Hobbies in Denver. I had a couple of gift cards in my wallet, and after many years Caboose was closing its doors. Why was the business […]

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Colorado Wounded Vet Run

Photography doesn’t always have to be about Art. Sometimes we can take photographs to record important events…although they may only be important to us. And sometimes we can photograph to help others, to publicize an […]

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Discovering The Hidden

I did another drive-by photographic session yesterday. What I’m talking about is seizing a chance to take photographs by discovering opportunities to shoot that are unplanned. What I really mean is that I took a few minutes […]

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Carnegie Library

I love the smell of a library, and one of my first memories of that aroma was from visiting the Carnegie Public Library in Sidney, Nebraska. The high ceiling, the towering book cases, and the quiet […]

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