Stay Broke – Shoot Film

The setting sun gave a lot of depth to this steeple. A few weeks ago I took part in a new MeetUp group: Stay Broke – Shoot Film. The first meeting was a get-to-know-each-other type […]

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Denver Photo Night Walk – Renewed

Sometimes things work out right. When I finally had time to begin photographing, the Photo Night Walk was revived. It had been gone quiescent when several of the most involved members had moved away, but […]

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Sunday Breakfast With the Post

I lied. This wasn’t taken on a Sunday morning. It was taken on a Monday afternoon, Memorial Day afternoon to be specific. And there was no breakfast involved. You’ll notice there’s no milk on the […]

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A New (Old) Camera

I have a friend who’s taking a class in B&W photography, meaning he’s using film. You know, that old stuff that we used to use in cameras. He’s even doing his own developing and printing. […]

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Grabbing a Chance, Not a Beer

Ed Townsend is a co-worker and a friend; and, like other interesting people, he has a number of interests outside of work. One of his is brewing beer. Another is creating videos. Ed does some […]

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Pictorialism – What’s Old Is New

When photography was first invented, it was hailed as a new artistic advance. Then, in a few years, it was descried as a mechanical process with no soul. It was no longer an “art,” but […]

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A Warm February

It’s been warm the past few days, perhaps too warm for February. It’s all a trick, you know. The mild weather seduces you into believing that Spring is just around the corner, but March is […]

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Made the Front Cover

This is another example of my “if you don’t have a camera…” posts. If I hadn’t had a camera during Union Lodge #7’s installation, my Masonic lodge, I wouldn’t have caught a picture of the […]

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Merry Christmas

The days are finally getting longer, which is a side benefit of the climax of the season, Christmas Day. That means the light will be available after work and soon the days will be friendlier […]

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Just Because

A few Sundays ago I wandered down to Caboose Hobbies in Denver. I had a couple of gift cards in my wallet, and after many years Caboose was closing its doors. Why was the business […]

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