Colorado Wounded Vet Run

Photography doesn’t always have to be about Art. Sometimes we can take photographs to record important events…although they may only be important to us. And sometimes we can photograph to help others, to publicize an […]

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Discovering The Hidden

I did another drive-by photographic session yesterday. What I’m talking about is seizing a chance to take photographs by discovering opportunities to shoot that are unplanned. What I really mean is that I took a few minutes […]

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Carnegie Library

I love the smell of a library, and one of my first memories of that aroma was from visiting the Carnegie Public Library in Sidney, Nebraska. The high ceiling, the towering book cases, and the quiet […]

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Dragonfly – 300,000,000 Years In the Making

Wildlife photograph just ain’t my thing, but exceptions can be made. As I was walking into a Salt Grass Steakhouse for lunch, I saw this dragonfly hovering around the evergreens. I had a camera handy […]

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Low Down Rainbow

The phrase “low down” has a lot of uses. You can always condemn low down dirty tricks, or if you remove the space, you can get the lowdown on someone. If you swap it around, […]

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Reaching Out

Steer wrestling is a rodeo event that doesn’t have the cache of bull riding or barrel racing, and, despite its seeming invisibility, it’s in every rodeo, is a simple to understand, and harder than hell to do. The wrestler, on horseback, […]

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Alfred Hitchcock

  Sir Alfred Hitchcock was born 117 years ago today, and my Lord! what a difference he made to movies. I own and still watch North by Northwest, being particularly interested in the cantilevered house […]

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Why Would Anyone Do That?

Why would anyone climb on the back of a bronc, an animal whose primary goal is to rid itself of the rider, knowing that the best they can do is stay on for eight seconds? […]

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This week I learned something. I know it is common to duplicate a word and change something about the copy to make it slang. Wishy-washy, chit-chat, and kitty-cat are all examples. Another common change is to add […]

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Life Is Where You Still Find It

As some of you know, I have been taking still life photographs as a way to satisfy my photographic addiction. I don’t know why I’m suggesting you wouldn’t know; I’ve been inflicting my work upon […]

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