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Sunday Breakfast With the Post

I lied. This wasn’t taken on a Sunday morning. It was taken on a Monday afternoon, Memorial Day afternoon to be specific. And there was no breakfast involved. You’ll notice there’s no milk on the […]

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Life Is Where You Still Find It

As some of you know, I have been taking still life photographs as a way to satisfy my photographic addiction. I don’t know why I’m suggesting you wouldn’t know; I’ve been inflicting my work upon […]

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You’ve Haven’t Seen This Before

  When I was young, the Sunday funny pages had a kids’ section that included two line drawings, apparently identical. However, there were twelve (or fifteen or ten) differences between the images, and the puzzle was to […]

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Guess What I’m Having For Dinner

…the pepper is beginning to show signs of strain, and tonight should grace a salad. It has been suggested that I am a cannibal to eat my models. (referring to his famous photo “Pepper #30”)–Edward […]

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Home Page Photo

  For various reasons I can’t get out and photograph as much as I’d like. I have other demands on my time, but I decided this shouldn’t stop me from taking pictures. I decided to start doing […]

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Starting Over

Starting over. The title says it all. This site is a mulligan, although using that word is possibly forbidden me. I don’t play golf; am I allowed to use a golfing term? As I understand […]

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